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Netflix’s foray into original content has gone from experimental to the mainstream, and that means that there’s now something for everyone coming directly from the streaming service and its commitment to providing customers with content they can’t get anywhere else. From the lighthearted and silly to the serious and straightforward and everywhere in between, Netflix has original films and series in just about every genre and format. One surprising recent hit is 365 Days, an erotic thriller that’s been dubbed “Fifty Shades of Grey on steroids.” 

Now that fans have helped make this dark and twisted thriller climb to the top of the most-watched charts, they’re left with many questions about the ending and a curiosity about the show’s leading lady. Here’s what you need to know about Anna Maria Sieklucka and where you can expect to see her next. 

‘365 Days’ is shocking fans

The movie has been called “the closest thing to porn on Netflix,” and not without good reason365 Days is an adaptation of a book by Polish author Blanka Lipińska.

The plot revolves around the protagonist, Laura (played by Sieklucka). Laura finds herself in the unfathomable position of having been kidnapped by a member of the Sicilian mafia. Ordinarily, getting kidnapped by a potentially violent criminal is dramatic enough, but the show ups the ante . . . and the steaminess. 

Massimo, the mafia man in question, has given Laura an ultimatum: She has one year (as the title suggests) to fall in love with him and if she doesn’t, he will let her go. The sex scenes are some of the steamiest viewers can find, and the plot is very heavy with BDSM overtones.

Fans may have their sensibilities shook, but many of them also can’t get enough of it. This doesn’t mean that everyone is a fan, however. Many are pointing out that the film glamorizes kidnapping and an extremely unhealthy relationship. 

Anna Maria Sieklucka plays Laura

The stars of the show are definitely getting a lot of attention. Both of the protagonists are relative newcomers, especially for American audiences.

Michele Morrone plays the dark and glamorous Massimo. Morrone is an Italian actor who has found some success in the Italian and Polish entertainment industries. Prior to his breakthrough role in 365 Days, he had small guest roles on some television series and a recurring role in the Italian drama The Trial

Anna Maria Sieklucka
Anna Maria Sieklucka | Instagram @anna_maria.sieklucka

Meanwhile, Laura is played by an even fresher face. Anna Maria Sieklucka has just one other acting credit to her name on IMDb. She was in a single episode of a Polish medical drama series.  

Getting cast in this steamy breakout Netflix hit has definitely transformed Sieklucka’s career. Prior to her television and film career, Sieklucka honed her acting skills on the stage and through training at the State Theatre School in Wroclaw. The Polish actor was born in 1992 and seems poised for crossover success into the American entertainment market. 

Fans want more of ‘365 Days’


‘365 Days’: Is Laura Dead? What Does Netflix Film’s Ending Mean?

Fans were left with more questions than answers at the end of 365 Days, and they definitely are not ready to say goodbye to steamy sex scenes between Laura and Massimo. Luckily for them, the film captures just one book of a trilogy, so there is definitely more material out there. 

According to Newsweek, the second installment has already been confirmed and was supposed to begin shooting this summer in the same location as the original. However, the pandemic shutdown has put that production on hold.

While the ending of 365 Days left some question about whether Laura was still alive, Sieklucka’s social media posts definitely suggest she’ll be playing a prominent role in the next film.