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The Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen was already a who’s who in Hollywood before joining the reality show. As the ex-wife of Scottie Pippen, Larsa has long been an “it girl.” That was magnified even further by whom she associated with, including the Kardashians. Despite the famous family’s fame, Larsa says she never felt in their shadow.

Larsa Pippen and Kim Kardashian sit in audience together; Pippen says she never felt in her shadow
Larsa Pippen and Kim Kardashian | Eric McCandless via Getty Images

Larsa Pippen says she never felt in the shadow of the Kardashians

The socialite was married to the former Chicago Bulls player for over 20 years. Additionally, she’s friends with A-listers in entertainment circles. 

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In an interview with reality television producer Carlos King on his Reality With the King podcast, Larsa opened up about her marriage to one of the most respected legends in the NBA. She also dished on her connection to the Kardashian family and whether or not she felt she was ever in their shadow.

“I just feel like I was married to Scottie, I was friends with them – I don’t know, I felt like in my real life, and in my real world, it wasn’t like that. In the circles that I move in, I never felt like I was in the shadow of Scottie or friends of mine. It was just in the media, that’s how they see it. People want to view you a certain way,” she said.

She previously said their friendship ended because she knew too many secrets about KimYe’s marriage

Larsa alleges that her friendship with Kim soured due to her being in the know about her and Kanye West’s marital trouble.  “I was best friends with Kim, and I love her, and I love Kanye, and I just was the person that was stuck in the middle,” Larsa said in Season 5 of The Real Housewives Of Miami. “I was the friend that was basically there and saw everything. And that basically was the demise of our relationship. I knew too much, I was a problem, and so, whatever. That’s kind of what happened.”

Source: YouTube

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After months of seemingly being estranged, Larsa told Us Weekly that things were back on track. “I feel like we’re in a really good place. You know, I feel like there was a lot [of] miscommunication at the time,” she said at the time. “We’ve all apologized to each other. We’re in a really good place.”

What’s the biggest lesson Larsa Pippen says she’s learned from drama with the Kardashains

Around the time Larsa and the Kardashian family were not on speaking terms, Larsa spoke with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked. She explained that she had no desire to feud with them publicly. Furthermore, she said she learned a valuable lesson from their fallout.

“I learned my lesson from this…People that you go to bat for, don’t expect to go to bat for you,” she told Lee. “I had to learn that the hard way because I was a very loyal friend and I’m a very loyal friend. My personality is very like – If I f–k with you, if I love you, it’s to the end.”

She admitted that she felt betrayed by the famous family for them allegedly putting out rumors to the media and not defending her. Still, Larsa vowed never to change how she is.

“I’m not going to change who I am because other people have issues, that’s their sh-t,” she declared. “I’m continuing what I’m doing…do I feel betrayed? Hell yeah.”