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In A Teacher, Kate Mara and Nick Robinson star across from one another as a high school English teacher and her student. When an attraction develops between the student and teacher, the series examines social stigmas around sex by flipping the typical predator narrative on its head — making the teacher in a position of power female and her student male. 

Nick Robinson
Nick Robinson | Slaven Vlasic / Stringer

Though the relationship is consensual, and the student makes the first move, that doesn’t make the teacher faultless. Nor does such excuse either party from the far-reaching consequences of their actions. During an interview with Variety, Nick Robinson discusses his role in the series, noting why he returned to high school for yet another adolescent-aged character. 

How ‘A Teacher’ lured Nick Robinson 

Nick Robinson told Variety that he committed to taking on roles outside of the high school setting following Love, Simon. Yet, his plans changed when A Teacher fell in his lap. He said: 

I sat down for coffee with Hannah and Kate and we discussed the show and sort of what she was trying to do and what she wanted to say with it. I had a great feeling right from the meeting. Sometimes you kind of just get a gut feel and it was one of those times where I just really enjoyed the coffee and the company and talking with them. I left feeling like, “Oh, maybe this could be the thing.” 

Nick Robinson | Variety 

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Robinson explained that, from the get-go, he could tell the series was going to ponder the hard questions. The show challenges societal expectations and perceptions surrounding pupil-student dynamics, especially with regard to gender stereotypes and attraction.

Nick Robinson on reading the scripts for ‘A Teacher’ 

Robinson went on to explain that, after reading the scripts, he was sold on the narrative and character relationships. He said: 

Then I read the scripts. And I was compelled enough to go back to high school yet again, do another tour. This show was talking about these kinds of relationships in a way that was a little more nuanced and detailed than I had seen in the past that seemed to clickbait headlines. I’d seen some of the past stories, but because it’s a miniseries, we really had the time to delve into the nuance and the complexities of the relationship…

Nick Robinson | Variety 

A Teacher is worth a watch, and once it gets to the sexual storyline, the edge-of-your-seat anticipation keeps you at bay. The first three episodes of A Teacher are available for screaming, and at 25 minutes each, viewers can catch up in time for the fourth episode, which will be available on Tuesday.