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The Good Place has put its characters and actors through a variety of bizarre situations over the past three seasons. One such scene that fans might remember involved a lip kiss between Janet (D’Arcy Carden) and Eleanor (Kristen Bell).

Carden recently revealed some insider secrets behind the kiss on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, saying it seemed as though she was kissing her own daughter. So what exactly was going on in the scene, and why did Carden say that?

What was the kissing scene between D’Arcy Carden and Kristen Bell?

D'Arcy Carden as Janet and Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop on NBC's The Good Place.
D’Arcy Carden as Janet and Kristen Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop on NBC’s The Good Place. | Colleen Hayes/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

This kissing scene can be found in episode 10 of season 3. After the gang runs away from Shawn and his demons in Canada, Janet takes the four humans into her void while she and Michael head over to the accounting department to try to fix the points system.

While stuck in Janet’s void, the four humans take on Janet’s appearance, which means it was actually Carden playing all four characters. Since the humans have nothing to do in the void, they use the time to resolve certain issues they are having. For Chidi and Eleanor, this means confronting the complex history they have together.

Eleanor desperately wants Chidi to remember they have been in love through all the different reboots, though Chidi tries to convince Eleanor that those Chidis were not really him because he does not have their memories. This eventually causes Eleanor to have an identity crisis, and her appearance begins glitching, taking on many different forms.

During the emotional scene, Chidi kisses her. During the kiss, Eleanor takes on her original form again — the one played by Bell — while Chidi continues to look like Janet for a moment. As such, in real life, the scene consisted of Carden kissing Bell.

What was the scene like for D’Arcy Carden?

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Carden shared with the audience a clip of the filming process. In the clip, we could see the scene involved Carden and Bell standing on a rotating platform. When the two of them kissed, the platform would spin slowly for the camera to capture the scene from all angles.

The clip also showed that Bell was standing on what looked to be a stool. Because she is about 9 inches shorter than Carden, this was a necessity.

Due to the height difference, Carden commented to Jimmy Kimmel: “It looks like I’m kissing my daughter. It looks like I’m kissing a hot child.”

In actuality, of course, Carden and Bell are nearly the same age.

When will season 4 of ‘The Good Place’ premiere?

Fans can expect more craziness from the dysfunctional group of friends on The Good Place during the upcoming season 4. From what we know, the new season will follow the gang as they try to run their own “Good Place” neighborhood while dealing with some personalities who will make things a bit harder for them.

Season 4 will premiere on Sept. 26, 2019, and it most likely will conclude sometime in early 2020.

The Good Place creator, Michael Schur, shared that this will be the final season of the show. According to Schur, the series was never meant to drag on for a long time and the team felt four seasons would be enough to write an ending they are satisfied with.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that fans are simply happy for The Good Place to have shown up in their lives. And hopefully the writers will leave viewers with a memorable finish.