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The Traitors is a game full of scheming to be the last one standing. That sounds familiar to Big Brother fans. Find out why the first season might come down to Cody Calafiore and Rachel Reilly.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for The Traitors Episode 1.] 

What do the traitors do in the show?

The cast is split between the traitors and the faithful. The traitors have the power to “murder” someone every night. That means the player is taken out of the game. The faithful also votes to take someone out in hopes that it’ll be a traitor.

The faithful could split the quarter of a million dollars at the end of the season. But if a traitor is left standing, he or she could take all the money.

That obviously gives a huge incentive for the faithful to take out the right person and for the traitors to stay undercover. The traitors get a larger amount since they don’t have to split it among as many people.

Cody Calafiore’s ‘Big Brother’ history makes him more suspicious as a traitor

Cody Calafiore wears a clock for 'The Traitors'.
Cody Calafiore on ‘The Traitors’ | Peacock

Calafiore originally was on Big Brother 16 and was in The Hitmen alliance with winner Derrick Levasseur. He placed second that season and earned $50,000. He returned to play again in the All-Star season, Big Brother 22. That time he won $500,000.

He’s not the only Big Brother alum on The Traitors. Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12 and the winner of Big Brother 13 is there too. However, she’s playing as a faithful, and Calafiore is a traitor.

“Cody’s been training for this his whole life,” Kate Chastain from Below Deck told other cast members in the first episode. “I’m just gonna put that out there.” She pointed out his winning Big Brother involved lying.

“The problem with this game is that I’m not coming on as just a stranger,” Calafiore said. “Because I already played a game where lying and manipulation and backstabbing go hand in hand with winning.” His strategy was to dial his threat level down and make it seem that his winning was all luck.

He was picked to be a traitor, and one important person suspected him immediately. “Cody and I, we were both on Big Brother,” Reilly said in her interview. “Not only that, Cody and I know each other outside of this game. Like, I’ve drank with Cody. I know his family. So I can already tell that Cody is a traitor. It’s very obvious to me. Hey, Cody! I see you.”

Cody and Rachel need to build their teams against each other

It’s important for both former houseguests to build their armies against each other. Calafiore works with his fellow traitors Cirie Fields from Survivor and Christian De La Torre.

Reilly will have to build her team from scratch, and hopefully, it’ll only include faithfuls. But she might have a hard time since the reasons Calafiore is suspicious could be easily used against her too.