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A lot of fans were happy to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe decide to employ time travel for the first time in Avengers: Endgame. With that, though, came a blessing and a curse. Some might suggest the Russo Brothers dug a little too deep into the complications of logical time travel laws and ended up confusing audiences.

When you let everything settle, however, it more or less makes sense. One thing Endgame did was create an alternate timeline as a way to explain Steve Rogers time-traveling to his past and living out a normal life.

What this essentially did is create an escape from sticking to canon if a new Captain America movie is ever made.

We know Chris Evans won’t be back as Captain America any time soon

Chris Evans
Chris Evans | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

All Marvel fans want to know if there’s any chance Captain America will come back in some form, either through his new alternate timeline, or through another form.

The possibilities have just opened up to virtually any scenario, including a possible streaming animated episode showcasing Rogers and Peggy Carter in the upcoming series Marvel’s What If?.

Regardless, Chris Evans is definitely done playing Captain America, possibly forever or for the time being. Once he has a chance to shake away any stereotyping potential, maybe he’ll want to consider returning to the role based squarely on overwhelming popularity.

According to polls, Captain America is third only to Thor and Iron Man. You could technically say they’re tied for first place, even if all three are going away from the MCU for a while.

How about alternate timeline movies down the road?

Endgame finally caught up with the Marvel comic book world thanks to this temporary grand finale. Marvel comics have been doing alternate universe stories for years, making it more creative in the possibilities of superhero gender swaps and different outcomes to what we were used to.

No doubt the meeting table at Marvel involved some serious wranglings to make this happen for future MCU phases so it could broaden the horizons of these characters rather than box them in to canon.

What we all wonder now is what kind of alternate reality did Steve Rogers create escaping back to his past at the end of Endgame? Did he really alter his own timeline and for everyone else? Or did they just create a dual reality where his former self exists under ice at the same time as his alternate self?

These are the headache-inducing complications any future Cap movie will have to explain with some clarity.

The dual reality idea would be fun, but too much like ‘Back to the Future’

Some fans are positing the idea there’s two Steve Rogers in the timeline he creates in the past. Of course, this treads on the idea utilized in Back to the Future Part 2 where Marty and Doc have to be careful not to interact with their past selves from the first movie.

Not that this wouldn’t be a lot of fun in a Captain America movie, if not enhanced in a lot of ways with a superhero twist. Some theories say Marvel’s own philosophy on time travel opened the door to various alternate timelines for each character, despite changing the original timeline with their efforts.

Plus, what happens when you fast-forward Steve Rogers to being an old man during the time of the previous MCU movies? Was the time-traveling Rogers able to avoid the Rogers we saw in the movies to avoid a space-time continuum screw-up Doc Brown warned about in BttF?

Whether Marvel ever goes this direction or not, they’re going to give it some time for audiences to cogitate over. In another five years, perhaps another alternate timeline was opened to allow for a different kind of Captain America, as in a gender reversal on par with Captain Marvel.