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Will Smith has been in a wild number of huge hit movies. The actor became an A-list movie star in the mid-1990s, thanks to Bad Boys, Independence Day, and Men in Black. Yet, none of these films — nor any of their sequels — is even the biggest hit of his career. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Smith’s career is how he hasn’t gotten overly bogged down by franchise movies. But here’s how he can join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) instantly.

Will Smith smiles in a suit at a microphone
Will Smith | Kevin Winter

Will Smith plays Deadshot in the DC Extended Universe

As the MCU continues on, it seems like every actor in Hollywood is making their way into a role. In Smith’s case, he already has appeared in that other comic book-inspired shared universe. The actor appeared opposite Margot Robbie and Viola Davis in 2016’s Suicide Squad. He plays Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot, an assassin and enemy of Batman (Ben Affleck) who is motivated by his young daughter (Shailyn Pierre-Dixon).

Suicide Squad didn’t just mark Smith’s debut in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). It’s also his only performance in the franchise so far. Reportedly, Deadshot was initially planned for 2021’s The Suicide Squad. But Smith’s busy schedule prevented him from reprising his role in that movie. Instead, writer-director James Gunn introduced Idris Elba as Robert DuBois aka Bloodsport, with Robbie and Davis among those returning.

The actor’s ‘Men in Black’ series could easily join the MCU

So Smith has a seemingly open invitation to return to the DCEU when he’s ready. But he could also add the MCU to his filmography in a micro-second if he so chooses. In fact, he’s technically already appeared in not one, not two, but three Marvel movies, thanks to the Men in Black franchise.

1997’s Men in Black — which introduced Smith’s Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K — is based on a 1990-1991 comic book series originally published by Aircel Comics. Over time, that company was bought by Malibu Comics, which in turn was purchased by Marvel Comics in 1994, according to the Los Angeles Times. So it wouldn’t take much for Smith to join the MCU.

After all, the Men in Black is a secret organization dealing with alien life. The MCU is already teeming with both top-secret groups and alien characters. And with the multiverse in full effect, the MIB could easily join the mix now. Sure, Sony has the movie rights to the franchise. But if the studio could sort out custody of Spider-Man with Marvel, then Men in Black shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, the series needs a fresh start after 2019’s Men in Black: International.

Many actors already play roles in both DC and Marvel movies

And before anyone claims Smith’s busy schedule could prevent the actor from popping up in the MCU, consider this. The legwork for establishing the Men in Black and Agent J was already laid out in three movies. That means Smith could reprise his character in just a cameo to grandfather the Men in Black films into the MCU. At this point, any acknowledgment in an MCU project that the agency exists could be enough to bring it into the multiverse.

If this ever does pan out, Smith would be one of many actors who have appeared in both DC and Marvel movies over the years. Most famously, Ryan Reynolds pulled double duty, headlining two very different characters. And Michael Keaton plays not only Vulture in the MCU and Sony Spider-Man movies. He’s also about to reprise the role of Batman in 2023’s The Flash, more than 30 years after he played the Dark Knight in Batman Returns


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