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After a team-up on ABC‘s Will Trent Season 1 Episode 4, Will, Faith, Angie, and Ormewood worked separate cases in episode 5, “The Look Out.” However, Will and Faith’s investigation led them to a mysterious new woman who might throw a wrench into Will and Angie’s relationship. Read on for a recap of “The Look Out.”

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Will Trent Season 1 Episode 5, “The Look Out.”]

Julia Chan as Ava Green and Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent in 'Will Trent' Season 1 Episode 5 on ABC. Ava wears a black coat. Will wears a brown three-piece suit.
Julia Chan as Ava Green and Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent | ABC/Danny Delgado

Will and Angie break up again in ‘Will Trent’ Season 1 Episode 5

As Will Trent fans know, Will has grown very attached to his chihuahua Betty since he adopted her in the premiere. So when Angie loses Betty in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 5, all hell breaks loose. She leaves the door open, and Betty presumably gets out. Thankfully, she was in Will’s house the entire time, but the damage had already been done.

Will and Angie fight and she claims that he expects her to be perfect, while he accuses her of wanting to find an excuse to end their relationship. Angie storms out, and she and Will are officially back in an “off” period of their rollercoaster romance.

Later, the Atlanta Police Department call Faith to a crime scene at a club where Faith’s 18-year-old son Jeremy was partying. An unknown assailant steals a necklace from the club owner and former football star, Chris Conlan. And when Conlan’s wife, Brooke, tries to stop him, he accidentally shoots her and flees the scene. According to one cop, it was likely the work of a heist crew that had been terrorizing Atlanta.

Will, who tagged along with Faith, deduces that someone inside the club tipped off the suspect when the Conlans were leaving. And he bets one of the police officers at the scene that he could solve it in one night. Understandably, Faith isn’t too happy they picked up the case when all she wanted to do was ensure Jeremy was alright (he only had a hyperextended elbow from the stampede after the gunshot).

Jeremy informs Will and Faith of a social media account, Deux Peches, that lets everyone know the places to be on any given night. The account posted photos from the night of the shooting. From those, Will believes that a photographer named Ava Green, the person behind Deux Peches, was the lookout.

At Ava’s apartment, they recover stolen items from other recent robberies, but not the Conlan case. So Ava is a part of a heist crew, but not the one that targeted Chris Conlan. And that means that Will owes the police officer money in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 5.

A simple robbery becomes very complicated

Will speaks with Ava in holding to find out what she knows in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 5. However, she’s more interested in proving her innocence to Will. Ava tells him that the heist crew recruited her when they discovered she ran Deux Peches. They forced her into it, but Ava did make money from their crimes.

Since Will is getting no information, he leaves. But it’s clear that Will and Ava have chemistry between them, and as Faith points out later, Ava has a crush on Will.

Will and Faith begin to suspect that Pudge, the club’s general manager, had something to do with the shooting. But when they go to question him, Pudge falls from his apartment building and dies. After searching his apartment, the partners find Conlan’s missing necklace. Will and Faith figured Pudge needed money, so he stole the insured necklace.

However, the necklace was worthless, and Pudge died of asphyxiation before he fell from the balcony. So someone murdered him, making this case even more twisted.

Later that night, at Will’s house, Angie arrives to pick up her things. But when she sees Ava’s case file on his desk, Will and Angie start making out. Angie stops before things can escalate, though, and she leaves. Their back-and-forth relationship is giving us a headache, to be honest.

Will returns to the office to blow off steam. And after arguing over the best breakup songs with Faith and the two partners adorably jamming out to “She’s Gone” by Hall & Oates, Will has a breakthrough in the case. He believes that Conlan wasn’t the victim; he was the one who killed Pudge. And surveillance tape from Pudge’s apartment building places Conlan at the scene.

Conlan insured the necklace because he was struggling financially. Then, Pudge and Conlan orchestrated the robbery but didn’t tell Brooke. And now she’s in a hospital room, hanging on for dear life. However, Conlan insists that he didn’t kill Pudge. Yes, he was at his apartment, and they exchanged words. But Conlan called his manager, Lucas, who told him to go home.

Will and Faith deduce that Lucas gave Pudge a loaded gun because he wanted Conlan dead and later killed Pudge. Will enlists Ava’s help and looks through photos she took from different clubs. He finds one of Lucas kissing Brooke, giving him a motive for wanting Conlan dead.

At the club, Conlan attacks Lucas and almost shoots him, but Will and Faith stop him. They arrest both Conlan and Lucas. And we hope that Brooke pulls through, but alas, there is no update on her status.

Ava gets out of jail on only probation and a fine after she helped Will solve the case. Will sees her out, and when Ava asks him out, he tells her that he’s not ready to jump into a new relationship. But Will and Ava share a lingering look, implying that Will Trent Season 1 Episode 5 isn’t the last we’ve seen of Ava.


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‘Will Trent’ Season 1 Episode 5 brings Angie a new lead on an old case

Angie and Ormewood get assigned to the murder of a realtor, Sean Hinchcliff, in Will Trent Season 1 Episode 5. He was killed at one of his listings, but, of course, not everything was as it seemed. According to one of the neighbors, Sean would scam buyers. And the audience later learns that his business dealt with cryptocurrency.

One of Sean’s employees discloses to Ormewood that someone tried to access Sean’s wallet after he was murdered. And Ormewood later discovers that Sean also worked with Gregory Pardee to sell NFTs of adult performers at strip clubs. But Sean sold the company and screwed Gregory over. And Gregory was the one who stole Sean’s money after his death.

At Gregory’s house, Angie and Ormewood arrest him and discover a scared woman. Angie realizes that she is a victim of a sex trafficking ring called “Zero Mile.” She tried desperately to take them down when she worked in vice but to no avail. Now, Angie might have a witness to help bring an end to “Zero Mile.”

At the end of Will Trent Season 1 Episode 5, Angie shows back up at Will’s house. He welcomes her in to talk about her long day, and the cycle of this unhealthy relationship continues.

Will Trent Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC. Fans can also watch new episodes of Will Trent the day after they air on Hulu.

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