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After more than two decades with Viacom, the media hub has terminated their relationship with Nick Cannon after past comments Cannon made were deemed anti-semitic. Cannon held several titles with Viacom during his tenure, as well as created successful content for its affiliate networks. His most notable is the live comedy series, Wild N’ Out, which has introduced dozens of new comics to viewers and is the longest-running comedy series in television history. With the show in limbo, fans are blasting Wild-N-Out star, B. Simone, for previous comments she made criticizing men who work 9-5 jobs.

B. Simone with 'Wild N' Out' cast
B. Simone (right) with ‘Wild N’ Out’ cast via Twitter

B. Simone previously said she’d never date a man with a 9-5

Simone rose to prominence on social media, becoming popular with a variety of comedy skits and freestyle raps. The Dallas native caught the attention of Cannon, who hired her for Wild N’ Out in its ninth season. She quickly became a fan favorite for her wit and versatility and continued expanding her brand outside of the show with comedy tours and transitioning into the beauty business with her own cosmetics line.
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In a June 2020 interview with Cannon, Simone was asked about her love life and the type of man she envisioned spending her life with. She was adamant that dating a man who worked a 9-5 was out of the question for her, as she said a man with a job as such would not understand her lifestyle.

He can’t have a 9-5…He can be a hustling entrepreneur…He can’t be like clocking in and clocking out. No. I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs…you’re not going to understand my lifestyle. You’re not going to understand why I’m up at 3 a.m. He has to be an entrepreneur…or moving into that direction. It has nothing to do with the money it has EVERYTHING to do with the lifestyle. Entrepreneurs understand each other. I need you to understand why I’m up at 3 a.m. checking emails. Why I’m always on social media. Why I’m never off or clocked out. I need a man to understand and support that!

B. Simone, Nick Cannon Mornings

Social media users blast B. Simone with the future of ‘Wild N’ Out’ in limbo over past comments

The backlash against Simone was swift and brutal. Her theory was called into question as she’s been open with fans in the past about previously struggling before her big break on Wild N’ Out – and having to juggle multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. 

Fans also did not agree with her notion that men who work 9-5 jobs lack hustle and don’t have other goals. She later attempted to clarify her comments, insisting that she was not speaking down on others who were not entrepreneurs. 

In light of recent events with Cannon being fired from Viacom, Simone’s past comments have come back to bite and social media users are not going easy on her. With her job on the show seemingly in jeopardy, some fans are calling her previous comments karma.

“B. Simone going to have to put baby girl on all her 9-5 applications,” one Twitter user wrote.
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“Does this mean B. Simone gotta get a 9-5 now,” another asked.

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“B.Simone after hearing WildNOut got cancelled and now she gotta get a 9-5 job,” another wrote, along with a gif of Kim Kardashian West crying.

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“Sooo what? B Simone gone have to go back to a 9 to 5? God humbles people so quick,” another chimed in.

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Simone has not responded to any of the chatter, nor has she spoken out about Cannon’s firing and what that means for the show.