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In You Season 4, Joe leaves his old life behind and heads to London. After faking his death in the Netflix series, he disguises himself as a college professor named Jonathan Moore and infiltrates a circle of wealthy socialites. Could a family member of one of Joe’s victims have found him across the pond?

A You Season 4 fan theory suggests Phoebe is actually Beck's sister. Beck has blonde hair and blue eyes and sits in her apartment.
Elizabeth Lail as Beck in ‘You’ | Netflix

What happened to Beck in ‘You’ Season 1?

Joe’s obsession in You Season 1 is an MFA student named Guinevere Beck. Joe worms his way into Beck’s life by stalking her and nearly gets his happily-ever-after relationship. Unfortunately for Joe, Beck finds his stache of souvenirs from all of his murder victims. He traps Beck in a cage under the bookstore and kills her when she tries to escape. Joe then frames Beck’s murder on her therapist, Dr. Nicky.

This ‘You’ Season 4 fan theory suggests Lady Phoebe is Beck’s sister Anya

Unlike some of Joe’s love interests, Beck actually has quite a few living relatives. We know that his mother is still alive, as she is heard talking on the phone to her. You also reveal that Beck’s father, Edward survived an overdose when Beck was a child. He remarried a woman named Nancy Whitesell, who had two children from a previous relationship — Mia and Cooper.

At the Dickens Festival Beck attends in episode 4, Beck learns that Nancy is pregnant, meaning that she has a half-sibling on the way. Joe also learns that she has a brother named Clyde and a sister named Anya. Neither character is seen in the series, but a fan theory suggests they might appear in You Season 4.

A You Season 4 fan theory suggests Beck's sister Anya will appear. Phoebe has blonde hair and brown eyes and is smiling.
Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe in ‘You’ Season 4 | Netflix

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Netflix recently released photos of a new cast of characters that will appear in You Season 4. With Joe living in London, he’s going to meet quite a few new faces. Tilly Keeper plays Lady Phoebe, an aristocratic socialite.

One Reddit user noted her appearance as similar to Guinevere Beck. “Basing this off of the resemblance alone, but could Lady Phoebe secretly be Anya, sister of Guinevere Beck?” they wrote. “Her character description doesn’t exactly support it, but doesn’t outright dismiss it either.”

What happened to Beck’s siblings?

TVLine recently shared Phoebe’s character description:

“As sweet and kind as she is rich, famous and chaotic, Phoebe’s every bikini wax has been documented by the tabloids since she was 15 years old. An aristocratic socialite with an avid fan base, Phoebe’s true colors show when she’s alone with her friends. She’s a steadfast cheerleader for them, especially American entrepreneur boyfriend Adam. She’s also a wild card: When misfortune strikes, will she rise to the occasion or shatter?”


This description doesn’t make much sense for the Anya fan theory since Beck and her family grew up in Nantucket. However, the theory does make you wonder what happened to Beck’s siblings. Several people in Joe’s life have been suspicious that the wrong man went to prison for his past girlfriend’s death. Will any of them dig deeper in season 4?

You Season 4 Part I premieres Feb 9, 2023, and Part II March 9, 2023, only on Netflix.