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You returns with season 4 in 2023, and it sounds like the new season will have a fair amount of gore. Penn Badgley is no stranger to working with fake blood and body parts, thanks to his killer character, but it’s far from his favorite thing about acting in the Netflix series. The actor recently gave a brief tease of a scene from the new season where his character Joe Goldberg is covered in blood.

Penn Badgley returns as Joe in You Season 4. Badgley has longer hair and a beard and wears a black long-sleeved shirt.
Penn Badgley | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

‘You’ is filled with bloody scenes and gruesome moments

Penn Badgley now has years of experience playing stalker/serial killer Joe Goldberg in You. The Netflix series features some pretty graphic and gruesome scenes throughout its three seasons so far. Badgley is a part of the show’s most stomach-churning moments, and they can certainly be rough to film.

In You Season 2, Joe locks Delilah in his cage after she discovers his secret storage unit. When he returns after a night of tripping on acid, Joe finds Delilah covered in blood, with her throat cut. Candace later locks Joe in the cage with Delilah’s dead body.

Though, of course, Badgley wasn’t filming next to a real corpse, the scene was still one of the goriest. “The amount of fake blood that was required to make that look real was gruesome,” Badgley told Buzzfeed in 2021. Badgley also added that the scene where Joe puts Jasper’s body through a meat grinder was pretty gnarly as well.

Penn Badgley teases a gory scene from ‘You’ Season 4

Unfortunately, Penn Badgley isn’t getting a break from filming bloody scenes in You Season 4. During an episode of his podcast, Podcrushed, the actor discussed the new season with his co-hosts Nava Kavelin and Sophie Ansari.

“This season, there was a scene where I am actually covered in blood, like in a jumpsuit that has a hood and goggles, and I am covered in blood, and they had to put pieces of meat on a table saw. And there was really dark fake blood on the table.”


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He continued, “We walk in, and it’s like 6 p.m., but the sun is still out because it’s summer in London, and suddenly I’m in this little room that’s full of fake smoke for lighting and just like fake blood on a table saw and bits of human remain, and it just took my spirit and my mood just plummeted.”

What are the fake bodies and blood made of?

So how does Netflix’s You create the bloody scenes and fake bodies used throughout the series? While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Badgley described filming one particularly gory scene from You Season 2.

“We had this very large prosthetic body, with limbs and everything, no head, and it was so real looking and feeling, and I was also covered in fake blood, which is very sticky cause it’s full of sugar,” he explained. Badgley also added that the fake body was covered with “real human hair.”

You Season 4 Part I premieres Feb 9, 2023, and Part II March 9, 2023, only on Netflix.