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Joe Goldberg’s friendships don’t usually last long in the Netflix series You. The stalker/serial killer has had to bounce from one location to the next in every season, often changing his identity. However, in season 2 Joe did strike up an unlikely friendship with Will Bettelheim. You Season 4 might provide an opportunity for this character to make an appearance.

A You Season 4 fan theory predicts the return of Will Bettelheim. Joe wears a suit and tie and pours blood from a teapot into a cup.
Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in ‘You’ Season 4 | Netflix

Joe imprisons Will Bettelheim in ‘You’ Season 2

In You Season 2, Joe Goldberg fled New York to hide from Candace in L.A. He enlisted the services of Will Bettelheim, a small-time criminal with a skill for making fake IDs. Joe hopes that Will can make him a new identity, but Will tells him that becoming untraceable takes a long time.

Will himself is actually operating under a fake identity that he has spent years crafting. After he tells Joe this information, Joe decides to kidnap him, keep him in the glass cage, and steals his identity instead.

Surprisingly, Will seems to believe that Joe isn’t a monster. He promises that if Joe lets him out, he will disappear to live with his girlfriend, Gigi, in the Philippines. Joe eventually does release Will, and he keeps his promise. In an even more shocking twist, Will and Joe remain friends and Facetime at the end of season 2.

Could Will help Joe get a new identity in ‘You’ Season 4?

In You Season 4, Joe Goldberg has once again reinvented himself. He is now living in London under the name Professor Jonathan Moore and teaching at a university. Joe faked his death in the season 3 finale and left his son Henry with a trusted friend. But how is Joe flying under the radar with a new career and name?

As season 2 proved, it’s not exactly easy to create a seamless new ID. What’s more, on paper, Joe doesn’t have the qualifications to teach at a university. He has stated before that he never went to college, and while that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know his stuff, it’s hard to imagine a university would hire him.


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Will Bettelheim could potentially answer all of these questions. With his skills in forging documents, it’s possible that Will created Joe a fake ID and college transcripts in You Season 4. We know that Joe spent some time in Paris before moving to London, which could have given Will enough time to get these documents in order.

Will Bettelheim is a fan-favorite character

Robin Lord Taylor portrayed Will Bettelheim in You Season 2. Fans would likely be pleased to see Will return in season 4, even if it was only briefly.

“I really enjoyed the real Will Bettelheim,” one Reddit user wrote. “He and Joe forged an interesting bond, and that last call between them was nice to see. Will knows who Joe is and still thinks he’s a good man. There’s definitely some sort of a twisted bond/friendship there despite what happened.”

You Season 4 Part I premieres Feb 9, 2023, and Part II March 9, 2023, only on Netflix.