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There may be nothing that shocks fans more than a glimpse of their favorite celebrities before they were famous. Even if the star you idolize describes themselves as the “down-to-earth” type, many look vastly more dolled up than they did before they were in the spotlight. And we can see glimpses of the familiar faces in these photos, some stars look so different you wouldn’t recognize them! Here’s a look at popular celebrities before they were famous. (The celeb on page 10 will surprise you.)

1. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Andersen in 1984
Pamela Anderson in 1984 | Getty Images

Heck, the Baywatch star has been bottle blonde for so long, she told People Magazine she doesn’t even know if she has any gray hairs! She also says she’s been dying her own hair since she was about 20 when using Sun In on her naturally brown hair didn’t go so well.

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